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It's 2024, and that means it's a midterm election year. Traditionally, this will be a lower vote turnout versus a Presidential year which means we have to keep working to get out the vote and expand our majorities to get more Democrats elected within Elkhart County. Some things to think about:
  • Becoming an active Precinct Chair
    • Be part of building a team to be the New Blue Wave in Elkhart County.
    • Info about requirements and duties of a precinct chair is available at .
    • The link to download the Precinct Chair Interest Form can also be found at that same location on our website.
    • The completed form may be sent to Chad Crabtree, C/O ECDP, PO Box 1116, Elkhart IN 46515-1116.
    • Current Precinct Chair terms end with the primary election in May 2026.
  • Check out races that will be up for election in the 2024.
    • Races will include State Senate, State Representative, County Commissioner, County Council,  Coroner, Surveyor, Surveyor & Clerk-Treasurer & Town Council members for the Town of Middlebury.
    • Think about how you want to serve.
      • Run for office?
        • You have time to check out any office you might be interested in holding.
          • Talk to current and former elected and appointed officials who interact with the position.
          • Research online to find out the scope and requirements of the job.
          • Attend public meetings that an official in the position participates in as a member of a council, board, reporting administration, liaison, etc.
          • Talk to community members about how they see
      • Encourage someone you feel should be in office to run.
        • Support (perhaps chair) that person’s campaign.
      • Volunteer with party efforts.
        • Outreach coordination and assistance.
        • Building the party’s membership.
        • Updating the party’s focusses – our members are the party.
        • Get Out The Vote efforts.
        • Voter education .
        • County-wide Dem campaigns.
        • Fundraising – general and campaign match funds.
          • Wouldn’t it be great to have a headquarters to work from together?
          • Rebuilding the campaign match fund to support our local candidates.

Elkhart County Democrats
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Elkhart, IN 46515-1116
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