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2018 Elkhart County

Primary Election 

Elected Office Positions

The Year for Democracy

Elected officials are individuals who choose to represent and work for the citizens of our communities, state and nation.  That’s not an easy job considering the number of citizens with individual perspectives and priorities.  However it can be very rewarding to work through the regulatory maze to serve the public. 

Do you have an active interest in the political structure of our government? Are you concerned about the shaping of our future by the political processes that govern? Have you thought about what you would do differently were you in one of those offices? Have you considered becoming more active politically and be a part of solutions in our government? Hey we’re not talking about running for President here (yet).

The list of elected offices that will be on the ballot in the 2018 primary can be viewed or downloaded from the link above.  There are many offices available at every level from local to federal. Some are part time and others full time.  If you want to make a difference by running for an elected office in 2018, contact for more information on how to get started.

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