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Precinct Chair Interest Form

Wondering how you can make a difference? Review the job description below to see if becoming a Precinct Committee Chair might be a fit for you. If you are interested in filling this role in the ECDP and your community, click on the interest form link above to download, complete, and send it to Chad Crabtree at the address shown.

Precinct Committee Chair

Maps of the precincts in Elkhart County can be found here.

Job Description

Precinct Committee chair serves as the main communication source between the Indiana Democratic Party and the current and future Democrats in his/her precinct. The Precinct Committee chair is charged with connecting the people in the precinct to the Democratic Party, and the Party to the people. The Precinct Committee chair is responsible is for filling the roles that follow, keeping in mind that it is okay to begin slowly, filling on or two at the start. Your District or County Chair is always available to provide support and answer questions.

Essential Functions

  1. Obtain the precinct map and walking lists for your precinct and familiarize yourself with your neighbors and the geography of the precinct.
  2. Get to know your Democratic and Independent neighbors:
    1. Host a house party and invite your neighbors to talk about politics and issues concerning your precinct.
    2. Canvass the precinct using the walking list or call list. Keep track of changes in voter data on your lists (change of address or phone, candidate preferences, etc.) and update the voter file with the new data through your County Party Chair or another assigned contact.
  3. Register new voters, either at their door or online.
    1. Canvass Democratic households and make sure all eligible voters in the house are registered.
    2. Check your local paper, Zillow, or other services for homes for sale in your precinct to welcome new neighbors and register them to vote.
    3. Contact members of groups you belong to and register them to vote, either in person or online.
    4. Canvass non-party affiliated voters in your neighborhood.
  4. Participate in district/county Democratic Party meetings, events, and activities including providing assistance to your local Democratic party but staffing registration drives and tables, supporting local candidates, and taking part in local fundraising efforts.
  5. Be a visibly proud Indiana Democrat, displaying yard signs, window signs, campaign buttons, and more.
  6. Recruit other volunteers in your precinct and communicate with them regularly. Adding volunteers means you can divide the precinct for more personal contact with the voters. It also means providing additional support and backup for each other and for your candidates. Develop winning strategies by utilizing the group's collective skills, contacts and energy to get the job done!

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