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Ready to roll up your sleeves and be a part of making a difference?

As we move through 2020, we will be focusing on how to effectively work through the challenges we are facing this year. Our primary election process is uncertain as is everything else in our lives right now. 

Think of how you can and will contribute to the efforts of Democrats in creating a more balanced government. Contact us at if you have questions.

Get out the Vote

A primary focus of this endeavor will continue to be voter registration. Gatherings may not be happening, but you can still encourage folks to register to vote. Registration for the primary election ends May 4, 2020.

You can promote and assist people with voter registration individually. Tips for advising others on how to register include:

  1. Send them URL for the online Indiana voter registration or
  2. Tell them to type into the search field or
  3. Send them the URL for downloading the Federal hard copy form at following links 
    1.  English
    2.  Spanish
    3. or Contact us at to request a form be sent
    4. When using the Federal form, boxes #7 & #8 are not to be filled in by Indiana Voters

Additional Voter Registration Info

  1. Paper forms need to be received in the voter registration office no later than 10 days after the form is completed (very important).
  2. Also important is to encourage folks to check their voter registration records and make any updates that are needed before May 4.

Encourage Registered Voters To Vote (even in the uncertainty of how we are going to do this)

  1. Share information regarding absentee by-mail voting. 
    1. Send them this link to download the application for a ballot 
    2. They can also call the County Clerk's office and request the application for mail-in ballot.
  2. Review information provided on the County Clerk's Election website, Elkhart County Elections Facebook Page, Elkhart County Democratic Party Website, ECDP Facebook Page, and candidate pages.
    1. Share information with folks to inform them of candidate options and the election process and changes.

Getting our candidates elected

If you are interested in helping our candidates get elected, there is surely something that fits your skills and talents.

  1. Candidates are needing folks to make phone calls, share campaign information via social media, emails, etc., and other endeavors.
  2. You can find links to websites and Facebook pages, email addresses, and other contact info on the candidate page at
    1. Contact a campaign you are interested in to see how you can help out.
  3. The Elkhart City Democratic Committee and Friends are coordinating efforts county wide to get our candidates elected.
    1. Use the form below to provide your information and we will forward it to the coordinators to contact you. 

Election workers needed! ~ Summary Description of Poll Worker Jobs and Other Aspects

November 3, 2020
General Election Day

Absentee Hall Board workers 

  • 4 weeks duration prior to election days
  • Hours are basically 8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri (plus a few Saturdays)
  • Pay is $9.00/hr

Travel Board Workers

  • Prior to and including election day
  • $9.00/hr + .40/mile
  • Need valid driver's license and vehicle
  • Need to be available for duration of absentee voting period

Absentee Ballot Central Count Team workers 

  • Election days
  • 7:00 am - finished counting
  • $100/day

Vote Center Set-up and Break-down workers

  • Day before and day after election days
  • Setting up equipment at the vote centers
  • $9.00/hr

Poll Workers

  • Election day
  • 5 am - 7 pm
  • $110 day + $10 required training + $10 food allowance

Sign up to be a poll worker on our Contact Form!

Sign up to Volunteer with ECDP below! (check all that apply)

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